2021 korea research fellow 10×10

korea research fellow 10×10
we designed a logo, a series of posters, a motion poster, trailer and a leflet for 2021 korea research fellow 10×10. Under the theme of 'me culture/we society', the event invited ten asian media artists with five curators, and three south korean artists with ten curators, discussing various topics including global solidarity. the afterimage in the logo signifies broadening cultural exchanges. m(e) and w(e) in the poster explicitly show. you will intuitively feel the property of cooperative network (the aim of this event) by looking at m(e) and e(e) in the poster. the posters use four different background colors and variable proportion of the alphabet “m”, and “w”. The colors and proportion are also applied to the pages of the leaflet.

plan. generalgraphics, korea research fellow 10×10
artdirection. moon janghyun
design. park seongwon

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