2021 korea research fellow 10x10

korea research fellow 10x10
we designed logos, poster series, motion posters, and leaflets for the 2021 korea research Fellow 10x10. in 2021 korea research fellow 10x10, 10 asian media artists, 5 curators, 3 Korean midea artists and 10 korean curators shared various discourses on global solidarity under the theme of me culture/we dociety. the afterimage of the movement in the logo implies a gradually expanding cultural exchange field, and the poster's m(e) and w(e) intuitively reveal the cooperative network pursued by the event through mutual movements. the poster was variated into 4 series based on the background color and the size ratio of m and w, and this color and proportion were applied to the leaflet or color and size.

plan. generalgraphics, korea research fellow 10x10
artdirection. moon janghyun
design. park seongwon

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