coffee montage brand design guide book

coffee montage
we conducted a brand design for specialty coffee brand, coffee montage. our top focus of our work was to visualize the brand’s philosophy to coffee and specialty of its product quality. the brand owner sticks to new and distinctive specialty in personally selecting coffee beans from the farm. plus, he is willing to put his effort to maintain quality beans during the whole production process. his attitude heavily affected the brand design. the branding project started with casting a doubt on how existing coffee brands commonly have in expressing coffee brands. we tried to find and express a unique point where it can draw majority’s sympathy that is still new and unfamiliar. i hope the design can be a big help for the brand value of coffee montage to leap forward. when the design becomes familiar to many people as time passes, i hope the brand loyalty hidden in the first impression of the brand image will be fully realized.

plan. generalgraphics
artdirection. moon janghyun
photography. park jaehong

design. lee jiyun, kwon hyeun, hwang kyusun

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