isoi bulgarian rose brand design

we came in on redesigning the isoi's best-selling product - bulgarian rose blemish care. overall redesign process has been made with cooperation with experts from various sectors, covering exclusive type design, containers for products, packages, key visual, images & videos, and web design, and spacial graphics. the aim of this project is to maintain the existing pink bottle design while delivering fresh images of the product through the design that highlights the brand's value to "faithful to raw materials only" we made an exclusive type that serves as a stepping stone of visual impression and it is applied to all graphics. the typography arranging the names of the materials are applied to package graphics. this graphics visually emphasizes all ingredients concepts which every single ingredient in isoi is from nature. with renewed products and new key visual, we produced a micro site so that it can be a promotional platform to broadcast the brand's second jump in the market.

plan. generalgraphics
font design. min bon
management. hong somi, lee daehyung
artdirection. moon janghyun
design. kwon hyeun, lee jiyun, park seongwon, lee seongeun
photo direction.  hwang kyusun, kwon hyeun, lee jiyun
photography. park jaehong

web development. stuckyi studio

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