isoi bulgarian rose brand image

we produced a brand key visual of bulgarian rose blemish care from isoi. along with the new design of packages, images and videos have been made to solidify the concept of "faithful to raw materials only". the existing brand had an issue with awareness of its product. it is that even though the product contains much more bulgarian rose oil - as referred to the liquid diamond - than other brands have, this superiority has been somehow unknown. therefore, we suggested featuring the beauty of the rose microscopically to produce a key visual for a way of communication. besides, the key visual arranging the images of materials is made, which has an identical concept with the typography of the names of ingredients.

plan. generalgraphics
artdirection. moon janghyun
design. kwon hyeun, hwang kyusun, lee jiyun, lee seongeun, park seongwon
camera team. twosome film, standstill studio
photography. park jaehong

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