teafference skincare line
brand identity

we worked on a brand design for teafferance. teafferance is a premium tea & skincare brand in which the vitality of the purple tea under the equatorial sunlight in kenya at 1,800m high is perfectly carried. launched in may 2021, teafferance provides not only tea for drinking but also cosmetics. the branding for teafferance started from the project to commercialize the purple tea which is excellent for skin and body. our goal is to familiarize the unfamiliar purple tea to customers by attractively visualizing it. our project includes overall teafferance branding including key visual, ux/ui on web and mobile, retail graphics as well as the designs for its containers and packages.

plan. generalgraphics
artdirection. moon janghyun
design. lee jiyun, kwon hyeun, lee seongeun
photo direction. lee jiyun, kwon hyeun
photography. park jaehong
project management. hzone
product design. unist
space design. the first penguin

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